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Recreation time with your kids that’ll reduce their screen time!

As far as I remember my love for art and craft goes far back in my childhood days when my father introduce this whole new world to me. Actually, I very well remember those days full of creativity where I was painting, sketching, designing, making a craft articles or absorbed in another artsy activity during my free time. This creativity was put on backstage as the life pulled on. To the present day, you’ll find art supplies strewn across the ground during the weekends – much to my 6-year-old daughter’s excitement. Art and craft is now a shared hobby with my little girl  and if  you come across you’ll find all our creative pieces hanging on our walls or placed elsewhere within the house.

Hobbies are healthy, especially during most grasping age of the child . They assist them  to express and find out their hidden talents. There’s difficult to decide what your child is good at until you give him or her the platform to explore these various talents. I always feel that you ought to introduce different sorts of hobbies to your kids gradually and allow them to choose what they like and continue it as they like.

Here are a couple of hobby ideas – a number of which I have introduced to my daughter and a few I  have yet to introduce.

Sports hobbies

It’s not an uncommon sight to ascertain children engrossed in games on phones and tablets today. Seeing a street crammed with kids playing within the evening has become a rare sight unlike how it wont to be back within the day once we had no phones and laptops. Sports hobbies push these lazy and tech-addicted bums out of their couches and out on the sector .
A few of the sports hobbies your child can try are:
• Rollerskating
• Basketball
• Cricket
• Badminton
• Tennis
• Swimming
• Mini Golf
• Aerobics
• Gymnastics
Sports keep children active and quicken their minds. Their eye-hand coordination and gross motor skills recover with practice too. Playing sports daily will help to boost the child’s self-confidence with added benefit of keeping him mentally and physically fit.
First one to the finish line!

Art and craft hobbies
Little ones love twiddling with colour. There’s hardly any house with a toddler i do know of that has a minimum of one wall that’s been glorified with their expert strokes.
Some of the art and craft classes you’ll take your child to are:
• Painting
• Origami
• Scrapbooking
• Sculpting
• Sketching
Indulging in art and craft activities is fun time and gives the way to accelerate creativity in young minds.

Skilled hobbies
If you sense that your child features a flair for a particular thing, say, cooking, you ought to encourage him or her to assist call at the kitchen, take suggestions, allow them to handle alittle a part of the cooking, and so on. Their interest is sure to grow and in no time you’ll have your very own Master Chef reception .
A few skilled hobbies that I can consider off the highest of my head are:
• Photography
• Gardening
• Baking
Organic farming

Skilled hobbies will keep your child busy and doubtless become his or full-time profession within the future!
Who wouldn’t want an additional pair of hands within the kitchen!

Performing arts hobbies
Performing arts offer an exquisite thanks to let your child’s imagination soar. Take your child to different sorts of humanistic discipline classes to ascertain if he or she enjoys any. Let them opt for whatever they want to do! Don’t put pressure on them.
A few of the favored humanistic discipline are:
• Singing
• Dance
• Playing instruments
• Magic tricks
• Acting
• Story-telling
Performing arts improve their communication skills and make them stage fearless thus developing self-confidence. They also help kids improve concentration and memory. a mixture of studies and humanistic discipline is claimed to point out good leads to academics.
Look, Mom, I can do the split!

Interest hobbies
If you happen to seek out a box of collected items hidden in your child’s wardrobe, he or she probably has an interest in collecting specific things – be it seashells, stamps, cards, marbles, or toys. Offer guidance on how he or she will find more of those things to encourage the hobby.
A few of the interest-hobbies I can consider are:
• Astronomy
• Collecting items
• Bird watching
• Solving puzzles
• Reading

Children might develop an interest in something by the environment in they grow or spent time with whom. Learning from friends, watching something on TV or following their instinct comes naturally to them. Hobbies enrich our lives and provides us an opportunity from our stressful work lives. Help your child find his or her favourite hobby in order that they will find solace in it too.

I am sure that the ideas shared above will definitely help you to overcome the thought on your mind – toys vs technology. You will find a way to spend will your kid that reduces the screen time and creates a family together time!

What’s your favourite hobby? Does your child have one too? Do let me know within the comment section.

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